Powder Coating

Launched in 2013, ACRAN's powder coating facility accommodates a wide range of sizes and a vast range of equipment and parts. The facility is situated in a separate building dedicated to surface finishing to actively eliminate the contamination issues typically associated with metal manufacturing and grit blasting operations.

The new coat up booth is installed with filtered supply and exhaust air to minimise the ingress of contaminants during the application process. The overall dimensions of the coat up booth are 4.0 metres long x 4.0 metres wide x 3.8 metres high.

Large dual access doors permit large items to be prepared and then coated prior to transfer into the oven.

The oven size is 5.9 metres long x 4.0 metres wide x 3.9 metres high. Overhead gantry style handling equipment allows Acran to coat both large and/or heavy items that in turn provides a cost effective solution for our customers. We have successfully coated equipment in excess of 1,500kg.

To ensure high quality surface coating ACRAN has installed sophisticated oven control and monitoring systems. These systems have proven to enhance the powder coating process resulting in consistent high quality finishes expected in Australian and International markets.