Inertial Filtration

ACRAN has been the largest supplier of Dynavane filters in Australia over the past 8 years. Acran has the extensive experience required in order to design and install inertial filters for all suitable applications.

Our experience with inertial filters such as Dynavanes ensures our clients are dealing with an organisation that continues to ensure that filtration requirements are paramount.

Intertial filters rely upon changes in air direction to separate a clean air stream from dust laden air. Typical applications include mining equipment such as draglines and shovels, ventilation filtration for high sand load environments and as a primary filter upstream of a dry media filter system. In dusty environments it is not unusual for inertial filters to be cleaned once every 6 months whereas in the same application dry media filters may require replacement every fortnight.

ACRAN can provide either the Dynavane itself or an engineered combination of Dynavanes, fans, weather and acoustic enclosures and any other items such as lighting and power supplies.

We also provide spare parts and servicing for all models and sizes of Dynavanes.