Dragline Ventilation

ACRAN has successfully designed and supplied more than 120 modular ventilation and filtration units for House ventilation on all models of draglines. Each fan filter module incorporates a Dynavane air filter, backward curved house fan, scavenge fan and acoustic enclosure.

Acran Fan Filter Modules have been progressively refined over many years to satisfy the demands of particular operators. The modules are primarily designed to provide sufficient outdoor filtered air to limit temperature rise within the house and to give significant dust reduction within a pressurised environment.

ACRAN fan filter modules incorporate high capacity direct drive backward curved fans coupled with Dynavane inertial filters. All modules are factory manufactured and fully assembled including associated electrics in plug and play format.

The modules are capable of directing outdoor filtered air around MG sets, gearboxes and other major drive assemblies.

In order to increase the service periods on the equipment the fans are directly driven to eliminate the need for belt maintenance. House fans operate at 6-pole speed (970 RPM) in order to reduce the dynamic loading, reduce erosion rates on the impellers and also reduce the noise within the house.

The house fans operate in a clean environment inside the acoustic enclosure. This reduces the possibility of debris accumulating on the fan impeller which could otherwise lead to an imbalance and risk of failure.