Air Handling Units – Custom Built

ACRAN designs and manufactures air handling units and evaporative coolers for specific project requirements. When a project requires specialised design and assembly ACRAN has the experience to design and manufacture air handling units to meet any requirements.

Many air handling units built by ACRAN are installed in remote and/or adverse areas. Our modern Manufacturing Facility enables air handling equipment to be constructed to the limits of the transportation system to be used. Equipment can be fully assembled, supplied in modular sections or supplied fully knocked down depending on the requirements of the air handling system.

ACRAN specialises in the manufacture and installation of industrial air handling units where reliability is of the utmost importance. Each air handling unit is specially designed to suit the project requirements including local and long haul transport requirements, project specific installation issues along with specific weather conditions.

With our specialisation in the air handling units, many customers choose to supply the appropriate coils to suit their needs. Where required, fans are selected in conjunction with customers to ensure that the end product will meet the needs of the project.

We currently have air handing units operating in the extremes of weather from +45 degrees Celsius to -30 degrees Celsius and up to 100% outdoor air.

The air handling units can manufactured from various internal and external materials and can be fitted with a range of thermal insulation depending on the project requirements. Typical air handling unit thermal insulation materials include Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Polyisocyanurate (PIR), Fibreglass & mineral wools.

If required, units can be fitted with attenuators or an acoustic louvre bank in order to reduce the inlet noise levels.