Acoustic Testing Laboratory

ACRAN's Acoustic Testing laboratory is integrated into our Richlands manufacturing facility. The test facilities primary use is Research & Development of new and existing acoustic products including acoustic louvressound attenuators and acoustic doors. The facility ensures that ACRAN staff and customers have complete confidence in the performance of our noise control products.

In addition, the facility is available to companies wishing to conduct acoustic testing of products under controlled conditions. The facility has the ability to conduct both dynamic and static acoustic testing.

The laboratory has been used to provide acoustic data for products including glazing, doors, masonry and other wall systems, road side traffic barriers and air conditioning and mechanical equipment.

Testing Options

The acoustic testing laboratory can be used to conduct tests in accordance with the following standards:

  • Sound Power to AS1217-1985 Part 2
  • Transmission Loss to AS1191-1985
  • Sound Reduction Index (Rw, STC)
  • Insertion Loss to AS1277-1983
  • Absorption Co-efficient to AS1045-1988